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4 Easy Ways to Style Short Hair this Summer

4 Easy Ways to Style Short Hair this Summer

Published by Enrico Baldovini   |   May 19th, 2021

Having short hair during the summer is always a great option–it’s very easy to manage, quick to style, and keeps you cooler when it’s blazing hot. With every new haircut means a list of new hairstyles you can experiment with. Ahead, we share easy-to-follow hair tricks you can try for your short hair this summer!

Headband Braid

This is a stylish and subtle way to add an accent into your daily hairstyle.Once you part your hair to the right, grab a two-inch section along your hairline to the left of your part and create an inverted braid (this is when you braid the pieces of hair under each other rather than over), so the braid stands out instead of blending in with your hair. Keep doing this until you reach the hair at the back of your ear and secure it with bobby pins.

Middle Part with Barrettes

Are you looking for a way to prevent your bangs or short hair from falling into your face? Then use statement barrettes to keep them secured! You’re eliminating distractions while adding a great accessory that can elevate your entire summer outfit. Just part your hair in the middle (though feel free to part it in one side if you prefer that) and clip your hair away.

Sleek Low Mini Bun

Low buns are the perfect mix of elegant and cool. Simply spritz gel or spray and then brush your hair back into a low pony. You can finish the look by tying a cute ribbon around the bun before pinning it in place. If your bun feels loose, add a couple more bobby pins. If you notice any flyaways, apply a small amount of hair cream as a finishing touch.

Pinned half ponytail

This is probably the easiest hairstyle as you simply need to gather the outer half of your hair at the back and tighten it up with a clip or hair tie. For a more laid back look, loosen the top half of your hair by pulling at the strands and releasing them in front as they will frame your face. You can also mist your ends with a texturizing spray and pinch them to create soft curls.

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