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Hue&Me Collection


Color your hair + Bond repair

Semi-permanent direct-dye color + deep conditioning base

A revolutionary technology and creative tool, HUE & ME combines the reparative power of our *Inulin BondPlex to rebuild the internal structure of the hair with our *high definition pigments, allowing you to create INFINITE COLOR POSSIBILITIES.
HUE & ME is the first ever Bond Building, Color Depositing Mask created to inspire the Artist in you.

12 vibrant color shades

12 vibrant awesome color shades


Our family of Masks comes in 12 vibrant colors inspired by the beauty and richness of our native Italia and are “completely customizable”. From our natural “Mocha” or “Tuscan Sun” to our vivid “Green Verde” or “Blue Sorrento”, we have created the perfect palette and with our Clear Semi Gloss, you can easily create pastel tones or blend several shades to create the perfect “HUE- just for YOU”

Mix the colors to get UNLIMITED shades

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create to inspire the Artist IN YOU

With our “sustainable, eco-friendly” packaging, HUE & ME is 100% VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE, and free from AMMONIA PPD SULFATES and PARABENS

HUE & ME will repair the hair internally and seal the outer layer while depositing your perfect HUE thus providing longer lasting color results-up to 6 weeks.

FAQS - Frequent questions

Hue&Me is our first ever Bond Building, High Definition , Color Depositing Mask. It combines the power of our Inulin Bondplex, to restore moisture and rebuild Bonds that have been compromised during lightening/color services with a variety of our High Definition Pigments to create endless color possibilities. It can be used professionally or “at home” to provide longer lasting color results.

Hue&Me will last anywhere from four to six weeks depending on your regularly scheduled maintenance routine. For example, the more frequently you shampoo, the sooner your results will fade. In addition to professional use, we recommend using Hue&Me at least once or twice a week as a “color refresh” in between salon appointments.

Yes. Color results will vary based on the color of your hair and the Hue you choose. For example, darker shades of hair should expect a more subtle change, much like you’d see using a “highlighter marker” on a dark background. However, lighter, more dimensional hair will reflect our Hues more effectively and results will be more pronounced. Our High Definition Pigments penetrate deep into the hair making Hue&Me a great way to change your color instantly or to continue to refresh your color while repairing the condition of your hair.

Timing is completely optional with Hue&Me. The longer you leave our Color Depositing Mask on your hair, the more intense your color results will be AND you can expect more Bond Repair and improved condition. We recommend leaving Hue & Me on anywhere between 5-30 mins.

Not to worry. Hue&Me is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE. We have created a perfect palette, and with our CLEAR SEMI-GLOSS, you can intermix colors or soften any of our pigments making them the exact shade you’re looking for. The color possibilities are endless.

Depending on the shade you choose, our High Definition pigments may stain both your skin and any porous surfaces. However, this should wash away fairly quickly with soap and water. To ensure there is no residual staining, we recommend using gloves when applying our more vibrant High Definition Pigments and immediately rinsing all surfaces with a mild cleaner after use.

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