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Interview with Celestria Handal

Interview with Celestria Handal

Published by Enrico Baldovini   |   May 19th, 2021

Interview by Chau Tang

Celestria Schweitzer Handal has been doing hair for close to 15 years. She’s originally from Michigan and currently resides in Los Angeles. She worked closely with a trained Vidal Sassoon stylist for many years in Beverly Hills before opening her own private studio suite. She currently works both in Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills. She has been using Difiaba color for roughly ten years and took an intensive training course for educating other stylists. She’s excited to see where the future will take her!

Chau Tang (CT): Hello, thank you for letting me interview you! How are you doing?

Celestria Handal (CH): I’m doing great, thank you!

(CT): How are you coping with the quarantine?

(CH): I’m actually quite liking the slow down. I do really miss my clients/friends and relationships I’ve built along the way. Of course I miss the salon but I’m taking advantage of the virtual learning going on right now, and I know I’ll be back to being very busy soon!

(CT): I see that you’re a Difiaba colorist, how did you get into this field?

(CH): When I got my first job in Beverly Hills, the salon used this color line. I got pretty close with another stylist and when they brought an educator course to Beverly Hills about 5-6 years ago, we both decided to take it since we really love the line.

(CT): How long have you been a Difiaba colorist?

(CH): I’ve been using Difiaba now for roughly 10 years and took their course about 5 years ago.

(CT): Was this something you’ve always wanted to do?

(CH): I never wanted to be behind the chair actually. Initially I thought I wanted to work on set etc. Ultimately, having my own suite allows me a great schedule of my choosing as I have a family to work around. Being behind the chair now for over 10 years, I really love what I do!

(CT): What do you like most about being a colorist?

(CH): There are endless possibilities. I think honestly I Iike trying as many new things as I can. I love to constantly grow and learn new things.

(CT): There are so many hair trends such as the bold roots, chocolate truffle and wheat blonde. Do you have a favorite hair trend?

(CH): I don’t know if I have a favorite. I will say I Ike things that are different and not the same as everyone else. If I had to pick, I like really dark juxtaposed against really light. In a blended way. I like subtle hair.

(CT): Why is that your favorite?

(CH): I really like the pop and dimension it gives!

(CT): Do you have a least favorite hair trend?

(CH): Not necessarily. I just don’t like everyone looking the same.

(CT): There are so many people who are just getting into the habit of taking care of their hair by using products such as hair oil and not just shampoo and conditioner. Why do you think it’s important for people to show care to their hair?

(CH): Shampoo and conditioner cleanse, restore ph, and moisturize typically, but product really helps to prep the canvas. It can help nourish the hair and in effect look, feel and become shinier, smoother and healthier.

(CT): What does your hair care routine look like?

(CH): I shampoo with Luminescence. It smells amazing! I condition with Hydresence. It works wonders for detangling the hair. I then use Core Tonic to prep the hair shaft and then Ultra Velvet to ensure a smooth blowout.

(CT): Do you have a favorite Difiaba product and why is that your favorite?

(CH): Ooh that’s so hard! I seriously love their products. The Luminescence shampoo is amazing. The Ultra Velvet makes my blowouts smooth and seemless! And I love to finish with the shine drops. I could add many more 🙂

(CT): Are there any trends you think people should try at least once?

(CH): I think everyone could play a bit with color. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. Even subtle changes can have big effects!

(CT): Any advice for people who haven’t colored their hair yet but would like to?

(CH): Do it! Inspo pics really help when it comes to color. Find a professional. Check their website or social media to see if you vibe with their work.

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